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Studio Warrior Professional Hip Hop Audio Services are provided using Industry Standard Plug ins, Software and years of hands on experience.


Audio Engineer

Rob Bullock

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What Makes You different from other engineers?

I am more than just an engineer, I am a musician and a song writer. I play guitar, bass, drums, piano, rap, and produce. I have written 100's of songs, produced 100's of beats. Being an artist and a musician helps to have a better perspective on mixing and mastering because I have a detailed understanding for song composition. I implement techniques that do more than just make the song sound good as a whole. I focus on individual things that make certain parts of the song stand out more. Emphasizing transitions, hooks, bridges, intro's, outro's and live automation to make the song feel more alive! I graduated Full Sail University's certificate program and even took a handful of extra classes but its the years of training that my ears have had and the arsenal of industry standard tools I use that play the biggest role in my final products.

  • 1 track beat + Vocal Stems


  • Beat stems + Vocal Stems


  • 1 track


  • Exclusive Beat 


  • Stem Mastering


  • Unlimited Lease 


Minimum requirements:

separate tracks (1 instrumental, 1 vocal) 


Instrumental stems, Vocal stems

Best Results:

Instrumental stems, Vocal stems

Minimum requirements:

1 track fully mixed 


Having your song Mixed by SW

Best Results:

Having your song Mixed by SW

Get Started!
Get Started!

Mixing Mastering samples here


Exclusive RIghts:

You own the beat forever, 100% including


Unlimited Lease:

You can monetize your song, with some limitations. Click HERE for more info

Get Started!

Beat samples here

Studio Warrior uses only the best Industry Standard plug ins, software, and libraries!

  • Sennheiser 

  • Audio Technica 

  • Focusrite 

  • Furman 

  • Novation 

  • BlueBir

  • Shure SM7B

  • Cloud Lifter

  • WesternDigital

  • Boss

  • Nektar

  • OWC

  • Glyph

  • Mogami

  • Hosa

  • Kontakt

  • 8Dio

  • Auddict

  • Best Service

  • Luftrum

  • Metropolis Ark

  • Strezov 

  • Impact Studio

  • Studio Linked

  • Big Werks

  • Neutron

  • Antares

  • Epic Stock

  • !ll Mind

  • Legator

  • Ibanez

  • Jackson

  • Ownhammer

  • Pod Farm

  • Superior Drummer

  • Kontakt Libraries

  • Apple

  • Nubihub

  • Belkin

  • Rode

  • Macbook Pro

  • Scarlett 

  • KRK Rokit

  • Pro Tools 

  • Logic Pro 

  • Waves

  • Ozone

  • Izotope

  • Slate Digital

  • Fab Filter


$25-$50 per song


Professional quality mixing using industry standard plug ins and software. Over 15 years of experience.

Pricing varies depending on the number of tracks and length of song.

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Coming soon!


Coming in 2018




Professional Rap/Hip Hop Instrumentals Produced with commercial quality sounds and over 15 years of experience!

Prices vary depending on licensing rights.

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Contact for pricing

Drum Programming

Using the most popular drum programming software "Superior drummer" I can reproduce the drums to your own songs so you can skip the painful process of recording live drums! Superior drummer uses live drum mic's and provides the same mixing options by providing separate tracks for each virtual drum mic including room mic's. Prices will vary depending on complexity of the song. Contact for Pricing

Microphone Sound Editing

High quality for an affordable price. Go where the experience is.


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